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29-tonne 'TRex' to Simulate Chch Quakes




The largest seismic vibration truck in the world is on its way to Christchurch to carry out seismic ‘earthquake’ tests.

The giant 29,000kg truck, dubbed the ‘TRex’, will use its huge hydraulics to shake the ground beneath it, testing soil up to 250 metres deep.

University of Canterbury earthquake engineer Dr Brendon Bradley says the project will reveal invaluable information about how earthquakes work.

“We can begin to link cause and effect and better understand where such effects will occur elsewhere during future earthquakes worldwide,” he says.

It is hoped the research will reveal how seismic waves were amplified and reflected as they travelled up to the earth’s surface in the February 2011 quake.

Testing will be carried out at 15 sites across the city and researchers promise that the shaking won’t be felt more than 15 metres away.

The project is a joint effort between the University of Canterbury and the University of Texas.

The truck is due to arrive in Lyttelton over the weekend and will begin its work in Christchurch on Monday.

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