Industrial Vehicles International

SHAP Technology

Design shaped for better performance

Earth coupling acoustically appropriate

IVI’s unique dome-shaped projector design optimizes stiffness from edge to edge. The base plate’s circular interface increases stability and reduces distortion. The stilt-less vibrator configuration reduces weight and complexity, while the bumper system produces more freedom of motion and less noise.

Dynamically stable driver

  • Symmetrical reaction mass centered on the piston shaft. 
  • Low profile keeps the center of gravity low, which reduces distortion. 
  • Piston-mounted servovalve maintains dynamic balance. 
  • Simple design produces greater reliability. 

High fidelity conversion of hydraulic to acoustic energy

  • Direct porting reduces noise and cavitation
  • Baseplate mounting of servovalve reduces stress on critical hydraulic and electrical connections.
  • Single-point mounting allows for convenient source changes to meet changing survey requirements.

Shape your equipment to the job at hand

  • Vehicle platforms support various vibrator sources
  • Adapt to different geophysical requirements



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