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EnviroVibe 2

EnviroVibe 2

The EnviroVibe 2 is the newest and largest seismic vibrator production system in the ‘minivib’ product family group. It is a low impact system designed for oil and gas seismic reflection surveys. The system is optimized for operation in environmentally sensitive or populated areas. The EnviroVibe 2 features the ‘minivib’ 26, which is a 26,000 pound broadband source which performs well at both low frequencies and high frequencies, but is designed to carry all ‘minivib’ seismic vibrators. This advanced system features both low source generated ground pressure and low vehicle generated ground pressure. The wagon wheel articulated steering design and the low center of gravity delivers good overall performance. The EnviroVibe 2 system fits in a shipping container, allowing cost-effective and secure international shipment.

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